The next litter will be available by December 2014. Reserve your puppy now.

Mike and Grace Buchanan welcome you to Corpus Chessies. We breed Chesapeake Bay Retrievers in Corpus Christi, Texas. We are the very proud owners of an AKC-certified 4-year old female Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Brandi and an almost 2-year old AKC-certified male Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Stormy. Our next litter is expected by Christmas 2014 and will come from these two beautiful dogs.

Chessies are very intelligent duck hunting dogs that also make excellent family pets. Brandi has had two litters totalling 11 puppies since 2012. We are NOT backyard breeders. We are striving to screen our breeding stock by performing genetic tests on our dogs to promote the healthiest puppies possible. Brandi is from a duck hunting line and loves to duck hunt and retrieve. Stormy is from a show dog line with his father being a Westminster Champion of breed. They are both beautiful dogs with sweet, affectionate, and unusually intelligent personalities. Our dogs are our pets first, and our breeding stock second. Our puppies learn to love water before they leave us, and begin the first steps of house training here. They are a part of our family and are socialized before they leave for homes. When they leave, we have empty nest syndrome for a while, missing each puppy dearly. To reserve your puppy today, please email Mike Buchanan at or call (361) 815-8342. You can also email Grace Buchanan at or call (361) 815-4150.

Brandi Stormy

If you are viewing this page because you are interested in getting a puppy from us, we advise you to do the following: 1. Read up on the breed and learn as much as you can about them. Chessies are one of the finest dogs in the world, but they are not for everyone. 2. When choosing a breeder, ignore fancy websites, championship boasting, Breeder of Merit awards, etc on the websites. With enough cash, anyone can create a fancy website. If enough dogs go to a competition, a larger percentage will do well. Breeders of Merit only have to be involved in AKC activities for 5 years with a few dogs getting championships and register their litters with AKC. NOTE: No matter how BAD a Breeder of Merit is, AKC, will most likely do nothing about their unethical activities. NOTHING. None of the above criteria honestly reveals to you what the breeder is really like! Go online and research to see just how easy/ difficult it is to obtain the bragging rights they are advertising. 3. Meet the breeder in person and ask for a tour of their facility before choosing a puppy. Check out the parents of the puppy you are considering and while there also request references and follow up with them. 4. After meeting the breeders, go home and research them to see if there are any negative reviews about them anywhere. 5. Check the OFA records online and make sure that the breeders are being honest about health clearances of the parents. 6. "Like" Facebook pages like Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and look to see if your breeder is posting information there just to see what kind of person they really are. Ask about your breeder's reputation. Finally, do not sign a contract with a breeder unless your attorney approves it first.

All puppies were sold July-September 2013.

Brandi and an AKC-certified male chessie from Flying "B" Kennels owned by Frank Blizzard were bred in September of 2012. A litter of only 2 puppies, one male and one female were born on November 2012. The pictures below are from that litter and represent Brandi's first litter.